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The Magic Word

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What if you could write an email with a 16% meeting book rate?

We did.

This post is about how we did it and the magic word that got us there.

The Challenge

Our challenge of the day was to meet with VP-level or above IT professionals at some large corporations we needed to talk to.

What gets in the way is this – each of them gets 200+ emails per day mostly from people like us trying to sell them something.  Our emails and calls are ignored.

We figured the solution might be something a little different – what if we could get to their bosses (the C-level IT people) and get them to recommend us downward? 

It turns out we can.

The Results

We gathered the names of these C-level contacts straight off the websites and used the company email format to get their email address.

The first batch of emails went out in between Nov. 2nd and March 23rd.

Take a look at what happened:

Outbound emails: 17

Responses – 11 (65% response rate)

4 Meetings (24% meeting booking rate)

In a day where we are lucky to get a 5% response rate to an email, we achieved a 24% book to meeting rate.

If you are curious, we are only counting the meetings that actually took place.

In fact, one of these meetings ended up with 17 senior level IT people dialling into the call or attending in person, just to hear what we had to say.

Is this sustainable?

Just to be sure this is a repeatable process we tried it again.  We contacted people again between September 5th and April 30th.

Here’s the results:

25 outbound emails

10 responses (40% response rate)

4 meetings (16% meeting booking rate)

Still, we had 16% of the people we emailed actually come back to us and got a meeting out of it.

Keeping in mind, these are all Fortune 500-level companies and C-level executives organizing the meetings.

What’s the Secret?

One  magic word.


We structured the whole email around asking for advice from the C-level executive and not wasting their time.

Asking for advice is flattering to people, it makes them feel important. It also gets them to respond and take a meeting.

The single biggest tip is this – start with advice as your subject line and see what happens.

One caveat – just emailing the C-suite with a subject line of “advice” isn’t going to get you meetings.  There’s a lot of content that goes into getting a response.

If you’d like to see the full email feel free to sign up for our premium service and get a copy of these emails for free.

Try it out and let us know how it worked.

Good hunting!


The Rockstar Sales team

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