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The follow up email with a 52% response rate

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Following up

One question that we get a lot is how to follow up effectively via email.

In our experience, here’s the key – shorter is better.

We use a short template (available free to our monthly subscribers) to follow up on the 2nd email if they haven’t responded to us yet.

It’s short, simple and it currently it has a 52% reply rate.

Shorter is better because you’ve already (hopefully) outlined the following in your first email:

  • Who you are
  • Why you want to talk to them
  • Why they should talk to you and
  • What you want them to do

What do the stats look like?

We used this email 58 times recently as our 2nd email in a campaign.

30 people responded, 28 didn’t.

30 / 58 = 52% responded just on this email, not including people who came back to us later.

Why repeat it all?

Another trend we’ve seen is that the most senior executives we sell to (EVP and SVP level, C-Suite) are usually opening their emails on their phones.  They simply won’t read a long email unless it hits a pain point they are worried about right then.

So keep it short.

But what should you put in that email?

How to Construct your Follow Up Email

The follow up email should have the following points:

  • Re-iterate what you want to talk to them about
  • What you want them to do
  • Offer them a way out if it’s not a priority at the moment

Remember here, the objective is NOT to strong-arm someone into buying a vacuum cleaner they don’t need – those days are long gone.

Here’s a few ways of offering a way out:

  • If this isn’t a priority right now…
  • Let me know if there is something else we should be looking into instead..
  • If this isn’t on your urgent list let me know, we can look at something else..
  • If (insert your major benefit) isn’t on your radar right now it’s not a problem, just let me know..

For a B2B rep your job is to do one thing – qualify.

If they aren’t a likely purchaser then you need to know that now rather than wasting a bunch of time chasing after them.

One of the biggest mistakes we see new sales reps make is spinning their wheels chasing the same people over and over.  Qualify them up or out but don’t waste time on them.

If you want a full template of our 2nd email feel free to join our premium membership group.

Otherwise keep your 2nd email very short and offer them a way out.  Saying NO early on is the best gift a prospect can give you.

Good hunting!


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