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Social Selling - The Ultimate How-To Part 3

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Social Media Selling - Interview part 3

Here it is - the final part of our interview with Jamie Shanks from Sales for Life.

Jamie is our resident expert on using social media to sell more.  According to his research reps that use social media sell 20% more than ones who don't.

Here's how you can be in that top 20%.

How to Use Voicemails

Rockstar: Very cool. Let's talk about voice mails, because I saw Dave Tao's article, and I saw the stats around it, and it's true is that 99% of the time nobody ever gets back to you.

And when they do, it's usually an inopportune time. Is there a place to use voice mail at all now?


Jamie: Absolutely. It's a call to action. I'm trying to think of a simple analogy.

If you had a chance for free to leave a sticker on a buyer's computer or flash an ad in front of a buyer or for free to send messages. Which do you think will outperform.


You use your voice mail, and the reality is most buyers don't listen through all of the voice mail. The goal of voice mail is that in 20 seconds, you're asking for call to action. So look at some of the emails you just sent them, or look at LinkedIn messaging you just sent them. The main purpose is the call to action to look out for something else. Not spend two minutes listening to your value proposition and then expect them to call them back.


They will email you back if you mentioned, "Just left you an email on this topic. Here's my name, Jamie and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you via email." Now when they're combing through their email, they're more likely to open that email.


Rockstar: Like it. Like it. Yeah, for me right now, I'm using a call as usually a step three. And it's always a voice mail, it's like, "Hey, I send you a couple of emails earlier. Let's talk about whatever that value prop is. Let me know if that's useful and what the next steps are."

Rockstar: And actually, it does. I can see it because I'm using Yesware, so I can see that they read it afterwards.


Jamie: Yep, exactly. For us, we use HubSpot Sidekick, and we can see are they reading it.

Action Steps – Top 3 takeaways

Rockstar: Okay, that makes sense. So I'm a rep today. What are the next three top things that I can do tactically that will increase my sales?


Jamie: Okay. I would follow the Venn diagram that I described.

Triggers, insights and referrals.

So I'm going to give tactics for each one.

If I'm looking for trigger, I'm taking every existing customer of my company that I work for, especially in the geography or industry that I, or my named accounts, and I'm going into LinkedIn and looking for everyone that used to work at the companies that we've sold to in the past, but no longer work there and have moved onto other companies and are decision makers or high up the food chain, and going after those people.


Because those are your advocates, those are people that have used your solution in the past, and are most likely to buy from you in the future. Does that make sense? That's my trigger.


My, when it comes to referral based selling, first thing that I would do is I would take a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint deck, and I would put existing customers' logos in the middle, and I would go at sitting down with anybody in my organization with first degree connections with all the people that we dealt with, and first we go over to customer success, say, "Can you pull open your LinkedIn and show me, open up the profiles to our customers, the people you're connected to on LinkedIn who are our customers. And go in and look at who they're connected to," see, click on their connections, and it allows you to do a search on who do they know that are VPs of sales. Who do they know in Chicago, and this kind of stuff. And start crafting out all of the names or companies that they could introduce you to. And then from an insights perspective is, tactically is you need to start building a brand.


You need to start having people believe that you are a master of that industry. You just need to get, it's not terribly tactical other than you need to start sharing content to be a thought leader in the space.

Tactical Steps

Rockstar: I would say that's an absolute tactical thing. Because in the end, I find most salespeople are, like myself, are visual and they're very action oriented.

Theory is of very limited use unless it will generate a result in a fairly short order.

So that's, to me, it's tactical.

Post every day, because it's like a newspaper and you're not, I suppose the old marketing statistics, you got to see it three times, and then once they see it, they have to see it seven times before they remember it.

And so you got to get a lot of post out there before anybody even starts registering in the radar. Got it.

And I think actually we covered that already, is if you're not going to get any support from marketing what do you do, well create your own insights, and those three tactical examples are great ideas. Maybe let's finish off with a case study.

Examples of Success

Can you give me an example of somebody who has used this to close a deal recently?

Jamie: SAS institute, so SAS out of Charlotte, North Carolina has estimated that they'll have a half a billion dollars in pipeline all attributed from sales rep from social selling, so 3000 sales reps leveraging social selling, creating new leads, creating new opportunities, they have a half a billion dollars in pipeline from it.


Rockstar: Wow. That's a hell of a pipeline number.

The Best Leading Indicator of Sales

Jamie: Yeah and one thing we didn't get into was a step that I think happens before you even become tactical, and it's around the behavior of learning, but it's CA technology, another customer, 3000 sales professionals.

Expand globally on their roll out strategy. Students, sales professionals that started learning social selling and gave up, only did 50% of a training program and just never really adopted it, versus those that went 100% through and have adopted it. Those people, those sales professionals outperform them by over 50%. The people that completed, so I'm a believer in learning is a direct indication of future sales performance, those that are willing to learn are most likely to succeed, and CA proved it over 3000 reps, that those that actually are willing to learn will outperform.


So it's actually an ultimate leading indicator to social selling is, our sales professionals' willingness to learn, and engagement to learn.


Rockstar: Yeah, that matches with my own experience. The old saw about leaders are readers, it's true. And the best sales reps have, all my best guys, were always super curious about everything.

Thank you to Jamie Shanks

Everyone at the Rockstar team thanks Jamie for sharing his insights on using social media to make more money for all of us.

Please visit his site at Sales for Life to take his training, engage your company with him or send him fanmail.

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