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The Single Most Effective Way to get people to your Linkedin Group for prospecting

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Linkedin Groups – how to invite people to your Linkedin Group

How to get that invite out?

This post is an update on our ongoing Linkedin Groups experiment that we use for prospecting.

So far, getting people to join has been the most               difficult part but I think we’ve found the problem.

How do you invite people to join your group?

Don’t use the invite function on Linkedin – it just disappears into the ether for all I can tell.  It’s the internet equivalent of whispering down a well, don’t even bother using it.

Out of the 25 members so far in my group a grand total of 1 of them joined by the Linkedin invite.

Email format


What email format to use?  Feel free to steal mine below:

Hi Mike,

Thanks for connecting on Linkedin!

I just sent you an invite to our Banking and Insurance Innovation group which is where I share the best ideas I come across in the industry.

This post in particular about (XXX) I thought you might like – (insert link)

Here’s the link to the group to join (insert link)

Kind Regards,

Next up

Hopefully this is useful – we’ll keep you updated on our Linkedin groups experiment as we progress.

Check out next week when we talk about the proper use of voicemails in an era when no one picks up the phone anymore.

The Rockstar team


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