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Get a Mentor

We discovered that everyone  told us when we started in sales that the secret to success was to get trained and find a mentor.

And yet – what was your experience like?

Ours was typically access to the company intranet to lookup product information and told to pick up the phone and start dialling.

If were really lucky, occasionally we’d get to go to a sales course and learn something but that was a one-off and never repeated.

Mentorship? Ha.

Most of the time our leaders didn’t know how to sell themselves.  The ones that did were far more concerned with us reporting what would close this quarter than actually teaching us anything.

What we really needed is someone to actually teach us the art and science of selling.  

Tactical stuff that works.  Techniques that change all the time.  Data-driven results to find the difference between what actually works and what someone in an ivory tower thinks might work. 

To sort out the BS.

To find a mentor.

This is the community we founded.  Not one mentor but many.

Welcome to the Rockstar team.

Welcome home.