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Sell Like a Rockstar Training

Sell Like a Rockstar Training

Get a Mentor

We discovered that everyone told us when we started in sales that the secret to success was to get trained and find a mentor.

Any yet – what was your experience like?

Ours was typically access to the company intranet to lookup product information and told to pick up the phone and start dialling.

If were really lucky, occasionally we’d get to go to a sales course and learn something but that was a one-off and never repeated.

Mentorship? Ha.

Most of the time our leaders didn’t know how to sell themselves.  The ones that did were far more concerned with us reporting what would close this quarter than actually teaching us anything.

What we really needed is someone to actually teach us the art and science of selling.  

Tactical stuff that works.  Techniques that change all the time.  Data-driven results to find the difference between what actually works and what someone in an ivory tower thinks might work. 

To sort out the BS.

To find a mentor.

This is the community we founded.  Not one mentor but many.

Here’s how it works

Once a week we host a webinar that covers some tactical aspect of selling, delivered in a short one or two hour interactive mastermind format.

They are all hosted by full time sales reps like you who are succeeding.

What’s a mastermind format?

This is the structure we developed that allows you to leverage the experience of the team.

Think about it – did you learn more from your boss or from your peers at work?

Exactly.  The real strength of the Rockstar training is the community, not the trainer.

Why you should do this?

You’ll learn more about sales

Which means you are more likely to get promoted.

Which means you’ll make more money

Besides, isn’t selling more fun when you are winning?

How much does it cost?


Sales training programs at the corporate level are anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 each for a one-off training program.

We thought this was too expensive – we needed something we could expense without an issue.

That’s why we price it at $99 USD per month.

No contract, no commitements.  If you don’t receive value then you can stop anytime.

Our commitment to you is that you will get more value than you put into the training.



The major objections to training are twofold:

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the funds


In terms of time we deliberately structure the courses so they are short and packed full tactical tips you can apply right away.  An hour’s lunchtime won’t be missed.


Here’s the bottom line – if the price is an issue for you this training program probably isn’t for you.


A lot of the recommendations we’ll make for productivity tools and other purchases will require an investment beyond that.

Anything worth doing usually requires time and money – the question is whether it’s worth it.

Test it out for a few months and see if it’s for you – if not then you can stop anytime.

A few month’s worth of courses are a fraction of a typical course and you should be able to expense it.

What to do next?

Add this product to your basket and test it out.